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Negotiating the Sale of Your Louisville Home

Masterful Negotiating
There are several cardinal rules to effectively negotiate in order to get the best price and most desirable terms when selling your Louisville home. Understanding the different types of negotiating styles is a helpful tool I use to assist my clients in getting what they want. There are many personalities and negotiating styles involved in every real estate transaction. Buying or Selling a Louisville home can be stressful; you can depend on me to navigate the way through with my creative solutions and adaptable nature. Working with a professional Louisville realtor with strong communication and negotiating skills is critical to help achieve your goals.

Setting the List Price
Pricing your home according to the current market condition is key. The Louisville real estate market is always changing and market fluctuations affect the property value. You can hire an appraiser to help assess the value or your Louisville realtor can provide a comparative market analysis. When I list a Louisville home, I spend a good amount of time to determine a strong list price. I study the mls and view properties in the area that have recently sold and some that have not sold. My efforts are paid off when my clients get the most amount of money for their Louisville home in the least amount of time and hassle, without leaving any money on the table.

Considering an Offer That Includes Contingencies
Offers typically include some contingencies; however, if it is a Seller's market where there is more demand than supply, you may not have to entertain a contingency offer that includes the Buyer's need to sell their property before proceeding with the purchase of your Louisville home.

Disclosing Terms of Other Offers
Sellers are not legally obligated to disclose the terms of other offers to prospective buyers, but they can give permission to their Louisville Realtor to disclosure other offers.

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